lux3-wellness-design LUX3 Marchio

What is LUX3

LUX3 wellness & design a wooden designer lamp that brings well-being to the user

LUX3 un idea passeggiando in riva al mare

LUX3 wellness & design is a wooden designer lamp, in the form of a light emitting cube, that transmits well-being via colored light or through the use of water enriched by color energy. An easily understood app allows you to interact with LUX3 and gives you all the information you need to use it.

lux3-wellness-design LUX3 Marchio

Why LUX3 was born

lux3-wellness-design Inspiration

LUX3 wellness & design was born from an insight of my life partner, Nadia. Thanks to our joint knowledge (she is a writer and naturopath and I am a designer) I came up with and made LUX3, transforming a dream, that of creating a design object that improves the well-being of the owner, into reality. 

lux3-wellness-design LUX3 Marchio

How LUX3
is made

lux3-wellness-design WORK

Uniting craftsmanship with the latest technical innovations, each LUX3 is completely handmade in Italy.

lux3-wellness-design LUX3 Marchio
lux3-wellness-design VISTE

The regular layers of the Okumè wood panels are highlighted in a perfect 8″ cube with 45° bevelled corners. A channel constructed on the inside rim of the cube houses a high quality, waterproof RGB led that changes color through the use of a hidden circuit operated by the LUX3 App.

lux3-wellness-design LUX3 Marchio

How LUX3 works

Bottiglie di vetro colorate

We have known of the beneficial properties of color, and of water exposed to sunlight in colored bottles, for sometime.


I wanted to up date this method giving everyone the possibility of improving their well-being by drinking water exposed to color vibration.

LUX3 by night

If you want to relax or prepare to go to bed, choose the blue light. If you want creativity with which to better start a new day, orange light is perfect. For general well-being choose to use all the colors and drink the energy of an entire rainbow.

lux3-wellness-design LUX3 Marchio

LUX3 App

An easily understood app, suitable for both IOS and Android, allows you to light up LUX3. It seemed to me that this would be the easiest way for you to get to know all the possibilities and benefits that LUX3 and its colors can bring you. These are the options you’ll find. 


Which color: Can find out the meaning and properties of each colour.


Color Emotions: By selecting a single color you can absorb the energy that corresponds to a particular state of mind.


Play with color: You can turn LUX3 on and off, choose a single hue or all of the colors in rotation or change at random, for a feeling of general well-being.

lux3-wellness-design COLORED-WORDS

Colored words: you can listen to the assertions/meditations created for each color

lux3-wellness-design LUX3 Marchio

When and where to use LUX3


You can use LUX3 at any time of the day or night. LUX3 can be positioned anywhere, in the bedroom or living room at home, in the workplace or in a wellness centre. You choose. 

lux3-wellness-design LUX3 Marchio

LUX3 Accessories

The LUXBag, the LUXGlass, and the coin-tray are LUX3’s first accessories



As LUX3 wellness & design can travel with you wherever you go, I have designed and produced a practical made-to-measure carrying bag in natural leather. The LUXBag.

La borsa in pelle di LUX3
Testimonial del video LUX3 perv


As you will have realized from my website, I love upcycling, transforming something useless into something beautiful and useful. In this case I have used the only wood left over from the making of Lux3 into a cointray by adding a little leather from the bag production.

Svuota tasche LUX3 in pelle e legno LUX3


The glass shown in the video is for sale. It is made by craftsmen in Venice and certified: Vetro Artistico Murano (Artistic Murano Glass). 


LUX3 History


LUX3 HISTORY animata

Since it’s conception LUX3 has changed and evolved through many different aspects. My original objective was to create an design object that could capture the emotional well-being created by color. My first idea was to create an open sided rectangular box containing a hexagonal glass bottle cut in half. The top half of the bottle emitted colored light and the bottom became a glass containing water. 

Looking at this first incarnation I realized that it wasn’t the recycled bottle that was impotant but the light that colored the water and that that light could surround the glass instead of originating from just one fixed point above. 

My second prototype therefore became a cube of recycled wood with a strip of LED lights in a hidden channel on its inside. This was fine as a one-off piece, but I wanted to create something that I could reproduce in larger numbers and with a more linear and geometric design. 

So I replaced the recycled planks with precious Okume wood with bevelled corners, substituted the upcycled bottle with a murano glass from Venice, and added an bluetooth circuit capable of receiving instructions from a mobile phone App. What started as a recycled bottle and painters’ scaffolding boards has become a sleek, cutting edge piece of design which uses the latest electronic technology: LUX3 wellness & design