My Story

My Story La mia Storia Gerardo Abriola

MY STORY For over twenty years

I have developed products for world famous brands and labels, but from the day. I met my guardian angel, my companion, Nadia, I began creating for her and for myself.

Love has brought an unexpected change to a life dictated by trends, styles, fashions, brands and rules, I’ve let my creativity take flight and started to express my whole being and my deepest feelings with complete freedom.

My first creations were born of the need to furnish our first home together, an apartment on the top floor of the only skyscraper in Rimini, a small Italian town on the Adriatic Sea.

Apartment number 27c.

I think the breathtaking views from high up in the sixties’ building and the desire to build a nest for just the two of us, were what inspired me. And so, with much patience, love and creativity, my first works of art, othe works of Gerardo Abriola, came into being

I did not then know where they would lead me my story.

First of all we needed a cooker, we are Italian after all! At that time, I continued to see old, used trunks abandoned in the strangest places. My angel discovered the first, it was an odd shape, almost a cube.

I turned it into our cooker, the CucinaMobile, which could easily be moved to anywhere in the house or even on to the balcony. Cooking a dish of spaghetti on the balcony of the twenty-seventh floor of a skyscraper, looking out to sea, was certainly in tune with our idea of a nest.

Having completely transformed the house, the structure of the building itself led me to create a mobile bar, a tribute to the sixties, the BauleBar.It looks like an upturned trunk on two pairs of stiletto heels; current flows through an old water pipe illuminating its interior and exterior.

Light, we all know, can give birth to anything...