My Art Work Philosophy 20

che all'improvviso mi travolgono e mi fanno sognare una nuova idea da realizzare.
La ruggine è il mio colore primario, poi seguono forme e materiali di qualsiasi genere che all’improvviso mi travolgono e mi fanno sognare una nuova idea da realizzare.

My Art Work Philosophy

Its usually an object that I see or find around the world that inspires me to create an ArtWork.

Transforming one thing into another allows great freedom of creativity.

I like the impossible, or rather, that which appears to be impossible. I like to touch and work with the things I find around me, it is from restyling that the latest ideas are born.

Every ArtWork is like a person, unique.

I love to create perfection where it is impossible to imagine.

I love to make apparently poor things precious.

I love to make materials that have suffered the test of time, like rust and rotten wood, with all their scars and natural colors, noble.

I love things to be the way they are, real.

I love to know that a work of art can be touched and used forever.

My creations have to be used, they’re not just for show.

I am convinced that everything can be given a new life, another chance, just as I have been.Everything and everyone of us is a work of art, you only have to look.       I love My Work