]Luce al Cubo is my own personal cube of light.

I felt the need of a colored space to look at. I wanted to devise an object that could create and define a space filled with color, that would do me good and bring me a sense of well-being

This led to Luce al cubo, cubed light , my last work, though it seems to me my first. A colored light encased in a wooden cube.

The planks that create it show all the signs of time and of their working lives, every inch of them has a story to tell.

In those found in old houses you can see the screw holes, the marks left by the nails that, in the past, kept them together and the inevitable signs of the termites that had long made them their home. Those found in the countryside have been streaked with rust, coloured by earth, stained by water and bleached by the sun.

Their straight lines have been distorted, each has different thicknesses and weights but they all become guardians of the light they contain.     Each side of the cube is a picture.

I am making 27 unique ArtWorks from planks found among the olive trees and in the old farmhouses on beautiful Italian hillsides.

Each Luce al cubo that I create has its own unique story, form and color. Different molten metals, including precious ones, are used to seal each lamp.

Created 27-09-2014  Unique ArtWork Italian Design